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When sparks fly...

It's exciting.  Exhilarating.  A  world of possibilities arise and it changes everything.  That's marketing at its best.  It's my universe and I love it.  

A bit about...

Deborah Neilly - Marketer. Strategist. Storyteller.

As a marketing and communications executive for over twenty-five years,

I have worked in both the service and client sides of the business. I developed an impressive client base and produced award-winning marketing programs for the Cleveland Clinic, Alcoa, Gojo, Henkel, Key Bank, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and more. Then, serving at the executive level for a number of organizations, I developed and executed marketing communication strategies for brand development, product launches, trade events and acquisition transitions in the life sciences, healthcare-related, and academic markets.


This unique combination of sales, marketing and communication roles make for a powerful skill set, grounded in experience and perspective. My marketing mind thinks along these lines – why you? Why your organization? What is unique about your product or service?  In the world of competitive sameness, what can I glean from your story and develop a narrative strategy that will drive your audience to connect, but more importantly, take action.


Ready to explore that possibility?  A simple conversation is a great way to start.

”Deb and I have partnered on numerous marketing projects that have influenced our community and world. The concept of how the world is connected was instilled by her vision. I must say I've seen the power of her craft and ability to connect and inspire her audience to take action. That's marketing, PR and communications at its best. For all the difference that your contributions made to me and others, thank you, Deb."

President, Media Production Firm

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